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March 19th - Healing, Grief and, Renewal

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March 19th - Healing, Grief and, Renewal

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Date: March 19th
Time: 7 - 10pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Healing, Grief and, Renewal
Presenter: Jade Pichette/ all of us

It has been a rough winter for many of us. The bus strike kept us from each other and, many of us have experienced great loss including the death of a member Steve Sauve. As we move closer to spring it is time to release the past in order to embrace the fruits of the future.

As one of the teachers Wanda Seguin sent to me recently, "...I want to remind you all that sometimes this time of year is difficult as we move from the Northern gate, towards the Eastern Gate. This resembles stirrings, as the seeds are stirring in Mother Earth, just waiting to break the surface......so stuff, in us, might be stirring and we might not know what those stirrings are. Just remember that when the seeds come up from their place of darkness and break into the light, they create plants that are 3 times the size as they were last year and even more beautiful."

This is the time to recognize what we have lost and where we can go. We will have a extra-long sharing portion and, I encourage members to bring stories, poems or, songs to express where they have been over the past few months.

We will then have an open discussion about the cycles of rebirth. Then if members wish we will have a co-created ritual around death and rebirth. These are acts of healing that are important in many faiths.

We emerge from the cocoon of winter to breath a more beautiful day.
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