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April 2nd - Masculine Mysteries

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April 2nd - Masculine Mysteries

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Date: April 2nd
Time: 7 - 10pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Masculine Mysteries
Presenter: Ethan Kincaid

Though there has been a lot of focus of Women's Mysteries in Neo-pagan traditions they are only one side of a coin. We will be having a ritual around the Masculine, the Warrior, the Male part of the self. Reclaiming the Masculine as a positive force in life and regain its proper healthy place as equal to the Feminine.

Note: Women are also welcome to participate to get in touch with their own masculine side.

To Bring:
>Ritual Objects. Anything phallic would be a good idea. I myself am bringing a wooden carving of a penis so nobody should be embarrassed about anything they may have. If you feel like bringing/wearing a dildo, that's perfectly valid.

>War Paint: if you would like to wear it

>Musical Instruments: If you want. Poetry/hymns/songs you want to sing or chant are also great ideas.

>Food: If you want to. You can bring your own fruit to ceremonially kill (explained in description of ritual). For example, we'll most likely be bringing red African grapefruits as they are affordable for us, they are large fruits, and they are soft enough to tear apart with one's fingers. But if you want to bring a blood orange or something, and have the juice actually be red and such that's quite allowable.

To Wear:
>Comfortable Clothes. Washable, in case some fruit juice should get on them. Any kind of jewelry that you feel helps to honour your inner masculine side/warrior spirit. If you wish to wear an animal-like mask or horns on your head, for example, that also works.

To Consider:
>Think about what it means to "be a man" in our society. What do you think about masculine sexuality and how do you think it's portrayed? How do you feel about your "inner man/warrior"? What male deities and spiritual beings do you know of and what effects have they had/ do they have on society?

>Think about the "battles" you're currently going through, or may be going through in the future that you want to gather strength and courage for. What do you need from this ritual? For example: do you feel the need to thwart things from your past that are holding you back? Or perhaps you feel the need to honour and accept your inner warrior? Perhaps you want to understand masculine energies and how to make use of them? Perhaps you want a promotion at work?

Format of the Ritual

Sharing portion.
15 minute break.

Beginning: Ethan talks about WHY we need a masculine-energies ritual. What gave him the idea. The current "place" of men in our society. What it means to "be a man". Depictions of masculine sexuality. The "warrior spirit", Yin & Yang, Shiva & Shakti, and other spiritual dichotomies. Male deity archetypes.

Group Discussion: Members are asked to briefly share their views of masculinity and masculine power. Share (or not if you choose) what your masculine side needs from this ritual.

Preparation: Members should apply war-paint, put on masks, ceremonial garb, purify/dedicate ritual objects, etc. Distribution of Mars symbols for members to keep and take home with them. (These symbols are for the purpose of imbuing with the energies we drum up in the ritual so that we may bring them with us/wear them when we feel the need to use our "warrior spirit" in every day life.)

Invocation: Drumming up energy. Chanting/singing/dancing. Invitation of deities/spirits/ancestors to lend their power to our ritual and be honoured by it in turn.

Sacrificial Rite: Members inscribe their needs/desires on the rind of a piece of fruit, most likely a large grapefruit or blood orange (if we can find some). Meditate upon the fruit to imbue it with your intentions. Ritually "kill" the offering of fruit via tearing it apart, stabbing it, whatever and eating a portion of it as a hunter and warrior.

Thanksgiving: Giving thanks to the deities/spirits/ancestors invoked for their assistance and presence.

Closing: Chill-out time. Members may speak about their experience, how they feel, etc. Basically, a time to allow people to cool down and relax before leaving the ritual space.

Please feel free to offer suggestions or ask questions about the ritual, the format of the ritual, or anything at all. The format is not completely set in stone by any means and if you have an idea for it I'd be thrilled to hear about it!
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