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The Ottawa Spirit Circle

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October 12th, 2010

(no subject)

This group is dead and happens to be only getting spam. So I will be making it a closed group so members can go back if they wish, but outsiders can't just join and spam.

April 2nd, 2009

Date: April 2nd
Time: 7 - 10pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Masculine Mysteries
Presenter: Ethan Kincaid

Though there has been a lot of focus of Women's Mysteries in Neo-pagan traditions they are only one side of a coin. We will be having a ritual around the Masculine, the Warrior, the Male part of the self. Reclaiming the Masculine as a positive force in life and regain its proper healthy place as equal to the Feminine.

Note: Women are also welcome to participate to get in touch with their own masculine side.

To Bring:
>Ritual Objects. Anything phallic would be a good idea. I myself am bringing a wooden carving of a penis so nobody should be embarrassed about anything they may have. If you feel like bringing/wearing a dildo, that's perfectly valid.

>War Paint: if you would like to wear it

>Musical Instruments: If you want. Poetry/hymns/songs you want to sing or chant are also great ideas.

>Food: If you want to. You can bring your own fruit to ceremonially kill (explained in description of ritual). For example, we'll most likely be bringing red African grapefruits as they are affordable for us, they are large fruits, and they are soft enough to tear apart with one's fingers. But if you want to bring a blood orange or something, and have the juice actually be red and such that's quite allowable.

To Wear:
>Comfortable Clothes. Washable, in case some fruit juice should get on them. Any kind of jewelry that you feel helps to honour your inner masculine side/warrior spirit. If you wish to wear an animal-like mask or horns on your head, for example, that also works.

To Consider:
>Think about what it means to "be a man" in our society. What do you think about masculine sexuality and how do you think it's portrayed? How do you feel about your "inner man/warrior"? What male deities and spiritual beings do you know of and what effects have they had/ do they have on society?

>Think about the "battles" you're currently going through, or may be going through in the future that you want to gather strength and courage for. What do you need from this ritual? For example: do you feel the need to thwart things from your past that are holding you back? Or perhaps you feel the need to honour and accept your inner warrior? Perhaps you want to understand masculine energies and how to make use of them? Perhaps you want a promotion at work?

Format of the Ritual

Sharing portion.
15 minute break.

Beginning: Ethan talks about WHY we need a masculine-energies ritual. What gave him the idea. The current "place" of men in our society. What it means to "be a man". Depictions of masculine sexuality. The "warrior spirit", Yin & Yang, Shiva & Shakti, and other spiritual dichotomies. Male deity archetypes.

Group Discussion: Members are asked to briefly share their views of masculinity and masculine power. Share (or not if you choose) what your masculine side needs from this ritual.

Preparation: Members should apply war-paint, put on masks, ceremonial garb, purify/dedicate ritual objects, etc. Distribution of Mars symbols for members to keep and take home with them. (These symbols are for the purpose of imbuing with the energies we drum up in the ritual so that we may bring them with us/wear them when we feel the need to use our "warrior spirit" in every day life.)

Invocation: Drumming up energy. Chanting/singing/dancing. Invitation of deities/spirits/ancestors to lend their power to our ritual and be honoured by it in turn.

Sacrificial Rite: Members inscribe their needs/desires on the rind of a piece of fruit, most likely a large grapefruit or blood orange (if we can find some). Meditate upon the fruit to imbue it with your intentions. Ritually "kill" the offering of fruit via tearing it apart, stabbing it, whatever and eating a portion of it as a hunter and warrior.

Thanksgiving: Giving thanks to the deities/spirits/ancestors invoked for their assistance and presence.

Closing: Chill-out time. Members may speak about their experience, how they feel, etc. Basically, a time to allow people to cool down and relax before leaving the ritual space.

Please feel free to offer suggestions or ask questions about the ritual, the format of the ritual, or anything at all. The format is not completely set in stone by any means and if you have an idea for it I'd be thrilled to hear about it!

March 15th, 2009

Hello All,

So Spirit Circle is starting up again bi-weekly. I was wondering are wednesdays better for people now then thursdays? Just a yes or no would be great.

Also I'm going to try to step back a bit. I'll act as the group secretary so I'll still do the online and admin stuff and such but allow others facilitate as I think this will encourage others to participate more and make for groups that are more dynamic.


March 19th, 2009

Date: March 19th
Time: 7 - 10pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Healing, Grief and, Renewal
Presenter: Jade Pichette/ all of us

It has been a rough winter for many of us. The bus strike kept us from each other and, many of us have experienced great loss including the death of a member Steve Sauve. As we move closer to spring it is time to release the past in order to embrace the fruits of the future.

As one of the teachers Wanda Seguin sent to me recently, "...I want to remind you all that sometimes this time of year is difficult as we move from the Northern gate, towards the Eastern Gate. This resembles stirrings, as the seeds are stirring in Mother Earth, just waiting to break the surface......so stuff, in us, might be stirring and we might not know what those stirrings are. Just remember that when the seeds come up from their place of darkness and break into the light, they create plants that are 3 times the size as they were last year and even more beautiful."

This is the time to recognize what we have lost and where we can go. We will have a extra-long sharing portion and, I encourage members to bring stories, poems or, songs to express where they have been over the past few months.

We will then have an open discussion about the cycles of rebirth. Then if members wish we will have a co-created ritual around death and rebirth. These are acts of healing that are important in many faiths.

We emerge from the cocoon of winter to breath a more beautiful day.

December 18th, 2008

Date: December 18th
Time: 7 - 10pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Crystal Magick
Presenter: Eo Thorne

We will be exploring the magickal properties of crystals. Crystals come in all forms, colours and, sizes. They have many physical healing properties, make our computers run and are fun to look at. They can also be a powerful magickal tool. We will learn how to use them in spellcasting, divination, healing and how to take proper care of them.

Open Discussion for those who wish

November 27th, 2008

Date: December 11th
Time: 7 - 10pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Iron Pentacle
Presenter: Jade Pichette

"Considered to be a foundational exercise of the Feri, the Iron Pentacle has proven to be a powerful symbol of the inner-work that is stressed so strongly in our tradition. Usually taught to students at or near the beginning of their training in order to provide a symbolic container for the work to come, the pentacle quickly becomes a personal mandala for the student, an energetic map that can lend important clues as to where we are wasting our energy, and provide us opportunities to heal imbalances in our inner selves. It is a talisman of great power.

Briefly, the points can be understood as follows:

The point of Sex conceptually represents the creative power of the Universe. It is both polarity and resonance within the current of Divine energy. It is that point of orgasm in which we open to the Universal dance and participate in its creation and in its destruction within each moment.

The point of Pride is our recognition of our own self-worth and the ability to live fully without reservation, allowing our true nature to shine outward while not giving in to the ego's temptation to compare ourselves to others. It is complete innocence, living fully and unabashedly in the moment.

Self represents our full knowledge of our own potential as well as our limitations along with the knowledge of who we are in relation to others and the Universe at large.

Power is the balanced outpouring of our whole being; the focused harmony of all five points in the pentacle which allows us greater access to our own deep potential. It is the projection of ourselves into the world that causes change, that makes magick. It is never manipulative, for true power exists in its own right and finds revelry in cooperative relationships with other beings and points of view.

Passion is our ability to be open to the fullest experience of feeling, whether that be of the highest bliss, or of the deepest depression. It is the true embodiment of ecstasy."
- Storm Faerywolf

December 4th, 2008

Date: December 4th
Time: 7 - 10pm
Location:1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Creation Stories
Presenter: Group/Bring your Own

We're at the time of year that a lot of major religious holidays occur. We will each bring a creation story of our own choosing to read or tell to the group. You may believe the creation story, have it be your own, or one that simply interests you.

November 27th, 2008

Date: November 27th
Location:1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Crystal Magick
Presentator: Queenie Tirone & Eo Thorne

We will be exploring the magickal properties of crystals. Crystals come in all forms, colours and, sizes. They have many physical healing properties, make our computers run and are fun to look at. They can also be a powerful magickal tool. We will learn how to use them in spellcasting, divination, healing and how to take proper care of them.

November 13th, 2008

Date: November 13th, 2008
Time: 7 - 10 pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Spiritual Power of Music
Presenter: Eo Thorne

Each group member will bring a piece of music that has spiritual meaning to them. They will then play the piece of music to the group, explain the significance to them, then we will go around in a circle and each person will explain how it affected them.

So remember bring a piece of music! (or alternatively email it to the group inbox either the actual mp3 or the youtube link)

October 23rd, 2008

Date: November 6th, 2008
Time: 7 - 10 pm
Location: 1394 Highgate road Apt 2
Topic: Prayer Flags
Presenter: Ethan Kincaid

Looking at the origins of prayer flags, where they came from and, what traditionally they are used for in places such as Tibet. How and when to erect prayer flags and, the importance of symbology to them. We will then create our own prayer flags with meanings to us.

If you have a specific colour that you wish please bring a piece of cloth. Also bringing permanent markers, paint, or even glitter glue are helpful. If you can't afford to bring these things still come to the meeting.
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